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Dunedin Hypnotherapy will change your life!

Anxiety, confidence, depression, stress, phobias, weight, stop smoking & more

Dunedin Hypnotherapy

Hi. I’m Garry George, a professional licensed hypnotherapist from Dunedin, and I’m here to help. Hypnosis with me will be life changing!

  • You will step into a new chapter of life and set old patterns aside
  • You’ll learn skills you can apply to many other situations in life
  • You will activate your highest level of potential

Hypnosis uses your natural abilities to discover your greatest potential. At the finish of your session you will be gently brought out of trance, feeling calm, relaxed and motivated towards positive change.

Your confidentiality is protected and your values respected. You are more than welcome to bring a support person with you.

Call me today. I am happy to discuss how hypnosis works and I offer a free initial appointment to further discuss options in person. There is no obligation to proceed with any hypnosis work – the decision to succeed is yours!

Hypnosis feels great and the skills you learn in one session can last a lifetime!
It’s a completely natural process.

How will Hypnotherapy work for you?

Hypnosis is a totally natural state of mind. A hypnotherapist is trained to guide you into a deep and very pleasant hypnotic state where your unconscious mind can be guided in positive ways. You will be aware of everything during hypnosis, not asleep.

This is a safe and natural way of influencing your thoughts, behaviours, and even your body using the power of your mind.

You can access the power already within yourself as you are guided towards developing new insights, changing unwanted habits and achieving new goals.

Hypnosis provides one of the quickest and most exciting ways to make positive, lasting change in your life. Contrary to some people’s concerns, hypnosis is completely secure; you remain in control, and huge leaps forward can be achieved in just a few sessions.

Does it work?  My many previous clients have discovered that it does, and the research shows hypnosis is an excellent tool for making many life changes.

5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Trying Hypnotherapy

Dunedin Hypnotherapy

Special Free Offer for
New Hypnosis Clients

We offer all our new clients our Introduction Special

You’ll receive a FREE initial consultation by telephone or in the comfort of my room at the Wellness Centre, 324 South Road, Caversham, Dunedin. We will discuss what is involved in hypnotherapy and the improvements that you can make in your life, learning how to apply this wonderful tool to your life.

There is no obligation to continue with treatment unless you are fully comfortable with what is involved. Your comfort, your confidence, and your confidentiality are all protected. I will work with you as a coach, mentor and guide, helping you unlock success. Call me on 027 614 7975 to get started!

Note: The next appointment for your first hypnotherapy session, if agreed to, will take up to 90 minutes and cost $120.00. This cost includes ongoing advice and support. Recordings can be included for you to use at home if required. Further appointments, if necessary, will be $100.00 each. Discounts are available for students and beneficiaries.

A few important words from Garry …


Anxiety and Phobia Hypnosis

Ph: 027 614 7975